Possession  - Elana Johnson This was a dystopian novel, now I know that many people are saying that they are getting tired of dystopian but I cannot understand how! They are all so different!This book was no different! It was dystopian through the use of technology which I hadn’t experienced before in a book. Basically the population was being brainwashed through transmissions that they are forced to listen to while sleeping. After her father is taken and her sister disappears she stops listening and basically stops following some of the rules so she is considered a rebel and a “threat.”I loved Vi’s personality! She was kick-ass and adventurous, as well as having a soft side. I also liked her drive and her want to help people, not control them. There were also some things that I would have never expected! I like when I can’t see things coming. And these REALLY surprised me. Lastly and most importantly Jag!!!!!! He’s not really the typical bad boy of fiction nowadays which I really, really appreciate. But he does have that edge that draws you in. Sooo sexy. I really liked their banter and story.OMG that ending, are you kidding me Elena Johnson!!!! Really? I am dying for the sequel!Overall an amazing debut and a great addition to the dystopian genre.Also that cover…. Love it!