Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia

Silver Phoenix - Cindy Pon This book was very interesting, the story line was really different because the main character did not know that she was destined for greatness until the middle of the book which was refreshing from the normal 5 pages into the book the main character finds out that they are wonderful or whatever. Let me just say that I love books with strong female main characters! I am so glad that so many of them are coming out. This book definitely falls into that category. Ai Ling is so strong and believable because she admits that she has flaws and doubts herself like anyone would. Also Chen Yong is a great friend for her, he is a great part of this book because he helps her and she helps him in return. I really enjoyed all of the cultural parts of the book. The creatures were very interesting and vivid. I could not put this book down after I picked it up. It was fast paced and was a never ending ride. The only problem I had was that I wished I knew more about Silver Phoenix because she plays such a big part but I wished I knew more about that side of Ai Ling.