Also Known As

Also Known As - Robin Benway I am basically convinced that Robin Benway can do no wrong. I liked both Audrey, Wait! and The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June but I have to say that Also Known As is my favorite book by her so far.If you are a fan of Ally Carter's books then this book is for you! With spies and cute boys what can go wrong? I have to say one of my favorite parts of this book was the secondary characters. Roux and Jesse added so much to the narrative and were so well developed that I missed them when they were absent from the story.I have moved quite a few times so I could sympathize with Maggie and her trials with going to a new school in the middle of the semester, but I have to say I never had the added pressure of trying not to blow my cover. :)I really liked how much Maggie's parents were present. In most YA novels the parents are absent and I liked the added dynamic of not just having one hovering parent but two. I kind of figured out the twist/villain of the novel but I kept changing my mind about who it was so kudos to Robin Benway for keeping both Maggie and me on our toes.Basically if you like mystery, spies, awesome friends, hilarity, and cute boys then this book is for you.