All These Things I've Done

All These Things I've Done - I received this book in a red box with chocolate covered espresso beans which were AMAZING! It was really cute and a great idea for them to promote this book!First of all a world were chocolate and coffee are illegal?!?!? And paper is hard to find???? I don’t think I could live in this world. No chocolate, no books? But I guess I would get use to it eventually maybe… But it was more than that, it was a story about a mafia, family, loyalty, and being willing to be who you are regardless of what people think.I really liked Anya as a character, she was strong, and was willing to step in and take care of her siblings (even if she was overbearing at times) she was resilient and never willing to give up.I kind of wish there had been more of a mystery element to this book, I mean there was such a good set up for it, but regardless I really enjoyed it.Win was real gentleman, he was willing to wait for Anya and respected her choice not to have sex. I really appreciate this because it seems like there are so many characters in books that basically have abusive/unhealthy relationships. I also just like Win in general.There were a few things that I wish had been elaborated upon, but besides that I really liked this book, and thought it was very different than many dystopian fiction. It really has it’s own niche and sets it self apart from a genre that while everywhere I still really enjoy!Love the cover!!!