Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien This books starts with Gaia, a midwife-in-training. delivering her first baby, alone. Which would take a large amount of determination on her part. And the determination never ends, throughout the whole book, Gaia is fighting for her life and the lives of those she loves.Gaia was a wonderful protagonist! She was strong, determined, resourceful, and strong! Even though her problems were not really relate-able while realistic, the way she dealt with them was. I definitely fell into this amazing book! While for me the book took a little while to pick up, after a point I found my-self drawn into the story and into the world. I thought I was not going to like this book after reading the first few chapters, but I fell in love with the rest of the book! I definitely recommend that even if you find the beginning to be slow, to stick through it! It will totally break through your expectations!Overall even though the beginning was slow, the characters, and rest of the plot, made up for it and more! A must read!!!!!! An amazing debut, and I hope there is going to be a sequel!