Ripple - Mandy Hubbard This is my favorite book that Mandy Hubbard has written. I mean how can you go wrong with sirens?This book was written really well, the characters popped off the page, and had real reactions to things. It drives me nuts when characters react in ways that no one would ever really, and people act like its normal. I appreciated that this book didn’t have any of that!I loved the mythology of the sirens but I wish we could have known a little more about it, sirens are great mythological creatures and it would have been nice to see Hubbard’s spin on it a little more.The ending? I never expected it! and I loved that, books where I can figure out the ending too easily are annoying to me. I mean I had an inkling, but I was shocked by what actually happened.Overall a really good book, a great step up from many paranormal book lately!