Vesper - Jeff Sampson Vesper starts with a girl giving a testimony to some “government” official which I don’t know about, but that always intrigues me! Vesper was so not what I expected. It was more complex and gritty, with twists that I certainly didn’t see coming. I enjoyed unraveling the mystery with Emily and wondering what would happen next. I really love mysteries so this was a fun take on a mystery. Jeff Sampson created a situation that was different from the typical paranormal genre, and might I say that I really enjoyed how Emily wasn’t a lame, typical paranormal protagonist. She took things into her own hands and (at least at night) wasn’t afraid to investigate. I also really liked that there was no real “romance” I mean there was toward the end but it was different and interesting. The end of Vesper left me yearning for the next book, yet satisfying what I wanted to know at the beginning of the book. That is one of my biggest pet peeves, when an author doesn't answer a fundamental question by the end of the book, Jeff Sampson didn’t do that to me which I really appreciated. I definitely recommend this book to fans of Paranormal books and even people who are a little wary or tired of paranormal. I think they would both enjoy it!