Magic Under Glass

Magic Under Glass - Jaclyn Dolamore There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the cover of this book, but Bloomsbury has recently made a new cover for it, I have to say that I like this cover much better than the previous, and I think it fits the book better.This book had a really great premise, I mean an enchanted automaton? I have never heard of a book with that idea! And the characters were really believe! I fell in love with Namira and Erris. The plot was gripping and i fell into it. Dolamore's writing was exquisite, her ability to pull me into the novel was really nice and I cannot wait for more from her!Some problems I had with the book, was that I felt that the ending was not resolved well enough, the ending seemed a bit disconnected, which I hope will be rectified with a sequel.Besides that I enjoyed this novel, and cannot wait for the next book and more from Dolamore!