Team Human

Team Human - Sarah Rees Brennan, Justine Larbalestier I adored Team Human! I even emailed the authors to gush, and probably made a fool of myself. Just so you know Team Human is not a vampire book I mean there a vampires but it is not a vampire book. People who love vampire books will enjoy it, and people who hate vampire books will enjoy it as well.Mel, Mel, Mel I loved Mel as a main character. She was feisty, determined, and fiercely loyal. She would do almost anything for her friends. Speaking of her friends, Anna Cathy and Ty have great personalities. They are all separate people who aren't just following the main character around like sheep. Which is something I see way too often in books these days. Cathy is so firm in her beliefs and won't let the opinions of her friends dictate her life. Anna is so amazing! She is so much stronger than I would be in her place. Each of these girls are people I would want to be friends with.Team Human is a book about friendship. If you are looking for that ever-elusive non-romantic relationship focused book this is the book for you. While there is some romantic tension it is not the backbone of this book.The plot of Team Human is awesome! It is part mystery part story of friendship. And you know how I feel about a good mystery. I loved trying to figure out what was going on along with Mel.Team Human made me laugh, tear up, and fall in love. It is a must read!