Nobody - Jennifer Lynn Barnes We all feel like nobody every once in a while, but what if you found out you actually were Nobody? That is what Claire must come to terms with in Nobody. Claire and Nix are two great main characters. They, as we learn throughout the book, are Nobodies, people who no one really notices. But while Nix has grown up knowing he is a Nobody, Claire is just learning it. I enjoyed Claire's journey into realizing what she is, Nix is so sure of what he thinks and when Claire's existence tears that all apart their resulting journey is both complex and interesting.I like books that are semi-grounded in reality but have a cool scientific twist ad Nobody definitely has that. I loved learning about the Institute, the Nobodies, and the Nulls. Barnes has painted a picture so real that I was getting shivers thinking about the possibility of Nulls existing and about real people who are basically the real life equivalent of Nulls.The way the book is written is kind of strange. Instead of alternating between characters each chapter. The chapters are broken up and they go back and forth between Claire and Nix. After a little while I got used to it but it is different when you first pick it up.Overall I liked Nobody and am looking forward to the next one.