Fire  - Kristin Cashore This was another great book by Kristin Cashore! The visualization was wonderful and the characters were so different than anything I had ever read about before! I really think that Kristin grew a lot from when she wrote Graceling! Fire was a different character, she was unlike any character I have ever come across before. She was tormented by her father and his death, and we learn so much about her, and her torments through flashbacks, which normally I don't like but in Fire it was necessary. I like how Kristin kept us in suspense for most of the novel about Fire's past.The plot flowed beautifully and was beautifully written. I enjoyed the level of political intrigue in this book. And Immiker drove me nuts, but I believe that it is important to read Graceling before you read Fire becasue if you don't the ending of Graceling will be ruined.Even though Graceling is still my favorite of the two I have a new literary crush in Brigan! Po and him are very close, and I love both of them! I cannot wait for Kristin's next installment in this series Bitterblue! This is definitely a series you need to read. And an author you need to keep your eyes on!