Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves Novel)

Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes I really liked this new take on Werewolves, it is really cool to see a different view of the werewolf life, becasue werewolves are becoming a very common paranormal theme.Ok, first of all I absolutely love the nickname Bryn! It is fun and sassy, which totally fits the character. This book was hilarious, the part that was funny was the great dialogue, and characters, becasue this was not a comedic book but I still loves the interactions between the characters, especially between Bryn and Devon. But while this book had great dialogue there were deep emotional connections throughout the novel.Bryn was an awesome character she was the quintessential girl power character and she grew tremendously throughout the novel, she went from a girl who while being rebellious, basically did all she was supposed to do, to a strong young woman who is determined to do what she thinks is right no matter the consequences.An amazing book! Barnes created amazing characters and a great storyline. I am definitely going to pick up some of her other books after this!