Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy Series #2)

Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy Series #2) - (Teeny, tiny spoilers for the first book, they are hardly even consequential.)If you read my review for the first book Touch of Frost you know that I loved it and was eagerly awaiting the next book!Kiss of Frost did not disappoint! In fact I liked it even more than Touch of Frost. The little things that bothered me from the first book were not issues in this next installment. Especially the explanations about the other student’s and their powers. After this book I finally understand what all their powers are. Like in Touch of Frost there was an element of mystery, and while I had my suspicions it did not turn out exactly how I had imagined, and I loved trying to figure it out at the same time as Gwen! I also felt like Gwen grew a lot in this book, she became more sure of herself and discovered new (awesome) facets of her powers.One of my favorite characters in this series has to be Vic, he is hilarious and adds just that little bit of humor that is needed in the story. I also liked getting to know characters that had just been mentioned in the previous book, better, and having them become an integral part of the plot.I also liked getting to know more of mythology and finding out more about Loki’s plan. Mythology has always interested me and so it was cool to see this spin on it, as well as learning about some more creatures like the Fenris wolf. Finally, I enjoyed the dynamic between Gwen and Logan a lot better in this book, it was still awkward and there was the whole Savannah thing but it was much better than in Touch of Frost.I only had one gripe with Kiss of Frost and it is so unimportant I wasn’t sure whether to even mention it in this review. It was the fact that Carson (Daphne's boyfriend) was constantly referred to a “band geek” while the other characters were referred to by their lineage (Spartan etc..) I would have preferred if he would have been referred to as the Celt instead. It was just really jarring for me while I was reading. But that’s being really nitpicky and honestly I cannot think of anything else that I didn’t like about this book.If you have not read the first book go RUN and pick it up, and while you’re at it pick up this one as well, because you will want to read it as soon as you are done! I cannot wait for Dark Frost!Sorry for the longer than normal review but I just really liked this book!(Cross posted on on 12/9/11)