Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks I love myself a good mermaid book, and I think I have found my absolute favorite in Anna Banks’ debut. From the first page of this book I was drawn into this hialrious and awesome book. Emma is such a klutz and her inner monalogue has to be one of the most spot-on depictions that I have read in a non-contemporary novel. Of Poseidon alternates from Galen’s point of view and Emma’s. I really enjoyed this because I got to know both of their intentions and I think it gave more depth and layers to the story.Of Poseidon is unlike any other mermaid book I have ever read. I really enjoyed understanding the mythology and background of the Syrena. I particularly enjoyed learning about the feud between the descendants of Triton and the descendents of Poseidon. I think it added something very interesting and different to the plot.Now even though Galen and Emma are the main characters this book would not be nearly as entertaining without Rayna and Toraf. Their banter and points of view added to the story and did not for once take away from the main focus of the story. Anna Banks did a skillful job of weaving those secondary characters in without making them seem like distractions. While I personally kind of expected the ending, suspecting did not take anything from the book. Plus I was never absolutely sure which I enjoyed. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book and neither will you once you read this amazing book. I will also read anything else Anna Banks chooses to write, her writing was so funny and awesome that I will forever be a fan!If you need any more convincing check out the trailer and then be sure to pick up Of Poseidon out May 22!