The King's Rose

The King's Rose - Alisa M. Libby The stories of King Henry VIII his wives, and his children have to be some of my favorite ever! I absolutely love that time period in English History. So needless to say I was really excited to read this book! This is the story of King Henry's fifth wife, and one of the ones that is less heard of. I really enjoyed learning more about Catherine Howard, I enjoyed seeing her relationship and confusion during her marriage with Henry, Alisa Libby really shows the doubts that Catherine must have felt as well as the confusion she would have had at the end of her life. I enjoyed seeing the characters in new and different more personal ways! One of the things that ruined this book for me was knowing all the while how it ended, but thats just me, and the book has to end that way because that is how it really ended. Overall I loved the book! It dove into the intrigue of the court, and Henry's little heard of fifth wife. I really enjoyed this historical novel!