Of Triton

Of Triton - Anna Banks After the ending of the first book Of Poseidon I was dying to read this next installment. And Anna Banks did not let me down.Of Triton takes place not too much later and immediately jumps into the action Even though it had been a year since I read Of Poseidon I was quickly caught up. I was super excited to fall back into the story. Emma's mom and Grom were in Of Triton a lot more than in the first book and I liked getting to know them. Even though they were rather annoying at times. I was glued to this book. I was supposed to be studying for my finals and I was trying to read one chapter at a time in between studying but I kept on reading all the way through. Of Triton is funny, heartbreaking, and tense. I really liked reading more about the Syrena kingdom and how it works as well as getting to know a few more characters. With that being said I liked reading more about the existing characters. Especially Reyna and Rachel. Overall this is a great series with awesome characters and plenty of laughs.