Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale - Cyn Balog I have been so excited to read this book! It was very different than what I expected but I really like that about it.So first of all lets discuss the cover! It is beautiful!!!!! I really like haw different it is.Now for the actual book. I really enjoyed the fact that it was about a boy turning into a fairy because all of the other fairy books I have come across are about a girl turning into a fairy. Also I enjoyed being able to see the transformation of someone turning into a fairy from the outside point of view not just the view of the person being changed.The characters were really well written. Morgan was pretty easy to relate to, and I found myself falling for Cam and I could feel the pain of seeing him changed. The plot was interesting and was written well.Overall a really good book the only complaint I have was the fact that I wish Morgan could have had more interaction with Cam in the late stages of his changing. But besides that it was a really good book.4.5/5