Going Vintage

Going Vintage - I really liked the premise of Going Vintage. I mean who doesn't want to give up technology for a few days? Especially after a big breakup? But Mallory takes it to the next step, she decides to live like she lives in the 60's.I personally thought Mallory took it too far to the extreme. She put herself at risk a couple of times and I felt she should have made exceptions at those times. But overall I really liked Going Vintage.Mallory grew a lot throughout the course of the book. She learned about the past and how things are not all ways as they seem. She also learned a lot about herself. I think many of us would benefit from taking a break from technology just maybe not as drastic a break as Mallory.The secondary characters and their story lines make this book. Mallory's sister pushes Mallory to commit fully which I could totally see a little sister doing. And her grandmother and mother have some secrets of their own that really play into the family dynamic.At times Going Vintage was a little slow but other than that it was a great read!