Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities - I actually read this book a few months ago and am kicking my self for A) not reading it sooner and B) not getting the review up until now.I don't read too much middle grade and I really need to because there are some great things happening in that corner of the bookstore that I just cannot ignore. When I do read MG I tend to lean towards Fantasy, and so when I heard about Keeper of the Lost Cities I was in. And boy am I glad I picked it up!! I fell in love with both the plot and the characters.Sophie is a great main character, she is both strong but she has just enough insecurity to be relatable. She also reacts to things in a similar way that I would think I would. Even though she is a lot stronger than I would be in her situation. All the secondary characters help bring this world to life.The world that Shannon Messenger has created is so original and beautiful, if I could visit I totally would. And I hate to say this but the whole book had a very Harry Potter vibe. It is completely different but the magic was there like when I read Harry Potter.This is a long book but younger readers should not be afraid because it just flies by, and by the end I was clamoring for the next book!