Stealing Bases - Keri Mikulski I played sports in high school, I played basketball and softball so I could really relate to Kylie’s feelings about the games as well as understanding some of the lingo, but I still think that you could get into these books even if you’ve never played sports.This is the forth book in the series of companion novels and so even if you haven't read the other books (like me) you can still understand what is going on which I really appreciated.I did not like Kylie as a character, I would not have been friends with her in high school. She was just too mean for me. And while she was trying to get past it, her arrogance was just way too overwhelming to me. But that being said I liked the way she related with the other characters, it was real and believable. Besides Kylie’s personality I really liked this book, it’s a great book for both sports lovers as well as lovers of chick-lit!