Hourglass - Myra McEntire First of all let me just say that if you are anti-paranormal you should still read this book, its more sci-fi than anything else. She sees ghosts but that's not the whole story.Ok, this book was amazing!!!! It was the best of all worlds. Not too much romance to bore/annoy, but enough to keep you invested in their relationship, Not too science fictiony so if you are scared of that aspect there is no need! (Though the science geek in me wishes there was a little more…) Anyway the plot was beautifully thought through (if a teeny bit slow at times) and finally the characters were absolutely AMAZING!My favorite part of this book, was all of the twists and turns. Nothing is sure, so much so that I found myself wondering with Emerson exactly what was going on and who to trust. I love when books can draw me in like that!!I liked Emerson’s spunk! She was totally my type of protagonist. She didn’t just take things sitting down. And hated being pushed around for various reasons. I loved her!The one thing I was different was the ending. It was kind of annoying and I wish it had been more drawn out. We spent the whole book waiting for this part, and then it was over. But overall a really good debut and a good change from many books today!(Also that cover? Genius!)