Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson So who loves a good road trip book? Raise your hands... yes I see you, well I love road trip books, maybe because I have never been on a road trip. But Amy and Roger's Epic Detour was a honest to goodness genuine road trip book, where they go harem scarem wherever sounds interesting.Ok, so maybe I especially loved this book because it was a road trip book, but I also loved the motives for going on the road trip and why they went where they went. Also there were lists and receipts throughout the book which added to the reality factor of actually being on the trip with Amy and Roger.While neither of them at the beginning have any goal but to get to Connecticut, the story blossoms into a story of self-discovery and forgiveness, as well as moving on and not letting the past destroy your life. Amy and Roger's relationship was cool and they acted like two people who did not really know each other would act when stuffed into a car alone. I really enjoyed their banter and dialogue.One small problem I had with the book was that the middle was kind of slow, but overall it was a fabulous book!Do you want to win a copy of this book? Check out my giveaway!