Georgetown Academy: Book Three - Jessica Koosed Etting,  Alyssa Embree Schwartz This was my favorite Georgetown Academy book! It had the exact same style as the first tow with the story and then an interactive part where you follow one girl's story. But the story for this installment was really good! By the third book the characters have really come to life and I feel like they blossomed in this third book. They were standing up for themselves and making slightly better choices not only for them but about their friends. I also liked the introduction of some new characters into the fray because it added to the story.The new setting was also a nice change of pace. Yes there was still all that DC politics drama but in a much prettier setting.I think all of the characters (with the exception of one new one) grew a lot in this book. Especially Brinley, I know it is lame to say of a fictional character but I am really proud of how much she grew over the last three books, she went from being my least favorite character to being one of my favorites. It was a worthy addition to the series.